Personal information protection policy

Established 21/1/2014
Reformed 1/5/2018
Ui2 Corporation
Managing Director: Choi Young-chul

 Ui2 fully understands its social mission and strictly follows regulations relating to the protection of individual rights protection and to personal information in all the personal information the company has access to. Moreover, the company established a personal information management system to materialize the policies listed below and collectively undertakes to employ the latest IT techniques and to continue improving them in line with changing social demands and changing business environments.

1-We will acquire, use and provide personal information only to the extent necessary for the Company's legitimate business execution in the development and maintenance of computer systems and technical consulting work, as well as employment hiring and personnel management. In addition, we will take measures to not do unintended use of the acquired personal information and not to use non-purpose purposes.

2-The company observes personal information regulation, guidelines set by the government and other standards.

3-The company takes all reasonable safety measures to prevent personal information leak, loss, or damage and to introduce management resources conforming with business conditions to continuously improve personal information security systems and to also take prompt correctives measures when required.

4-The company takes prompt, sincere and suitable actions relating to personal information management.

5-The company undertakes to review situations and environment changes surrounding the company in a timely and suitable manner and to continuously improve such conditions.

Our policies are communicated and distributed to all our employees, the policies are published on our homepage and are continuously updated and revised in a timely manner.



For inquiries regarding personal information policy please contact us on the address below.

108-0014 Tokyo, Minatoku,Shiba, 5-13-15, Shiba mitamori Bldg,7F
Ui2 Incorporated
Telephone: 03-6809-5871 (Business hours 10:00 a.m-06:00p.m)
※Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, New Year's holidays, and Golden Week)

For personal information policies

1.Our company handles personal information for the following objectives.

(1)our company specifies in documents the objectives of personal information usage in advance when requesting direct personal information (including by homepage or email etc.)

(2)Purpose of use of personal information acquired by methods other than the aforementioned items.

Classification Purpose of use
Client information Client information
For record management
For confirming received order contents(communication records etc.)
For client company information (trustees etc) For confirming received order contents(communication records etc.)
Personal information acquired along with trustee support businesses. For thorough investigation of issues related to trustee support business.
Member information (Mobile NFC Association) For proper implementation of office administration by trustee association.
Facts about personal information disclosure

In relation to disclosure of personal information held by our company, the following points related to informing the user or their representative, disclosure, content correction, addition or deletion, termination of use, deletion or terminating providing information to a third party request (hereinafter referred to as disclose request) are dealt with as follows.

a)Name of business

 Ui2 Corporation

b)Trustee in charge of personal information management

 Business name: Personal Information Protection Manger Kinjo Toshifumi.
 Department: Ui2 Corporation, Business development Depatment.
 Contact details: Tel: 03-6809-5871

c)Purpose of use of all object of disclosure personal information.

Classification purpose of use
Customer information To manage user history
To check details of orders accepted (communication records)
To answer inquiries
Information of business partners (outsourcing companies) To check details of orders placed (communication records)
Company employee information For hman resource management, operations management, health management, security management of employees
Information of job applicants To contact job applicants and to manage recruitment operations

d)For complaints about handling of the personal information subject to disclosure, please contact:

Personal Information Inquiries, Ui2 Co., 7F, Shibamitamori Building, 5-13-15 Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0014
Tel no.:03-6809-5871

e)Recognized personal information protection organization

Currently, there is no personal information protection organization affiliated with the company.

f)Subject to disclosure Procedures to respond to requests for disclosure of personal information

1)To request disclosure, please contact:
Please contact the above Personal Information Inquiries to request for a disclosure.

2)Process when requesting a disclosure
?After receiving your request, our company will send you a request form by mail.
 ・ For the notification of the utilization purpose of the information: Request form for the notification of the utilization purpose of personal information
 ・ For the disclosure of personal information: Request form for the disclosure of personal information
 ・Correction, addition, or deletion of user's personal information, suspension of the utilization of user's personal information, the deletion of personal information and the suspension of the provision of personal information to a third party: Request form for personal information correction and suspension of utilization

?Please send a filled request form, documents confirming the right to act as proxy in the case of a proxy, postal money order for processing fees (only for notification of the utilization purpose and disclosure of information) to the above address by post.

?After receiving the request form, we will reconfirm two pieces of personal information (e.g.; telephone number and date of birth, etc.) that were previously recorded in our system in order to confirm the applicant's identity.

?In principle, the reply will be sent via post in a sealed envelope to the applicant.

3)In the case of request by proxy, documents confirming the identity of proxy agent.
If the person requesting the disclosure is a proxy, please enclose documents certifying the right to act as a proxy and also documents certifying the identity of the proxy. Please write the residence address in document up until the prefecture and please blacken the other information.

?Documents to prove the right to act as a proxy
 <If the applicant has requested the proxy>
  Letter of attorney (original copy)
 <In the case of a guardian of a minor>Original or photocopy
  Family register
  Certificate of residence (which states the names of both applicant and proxy and the relationship)
  Other official documents that can confirm the power of attorney
 <In the case of a guardian of an adult ward>Original or photocopy
  Certificate of the registration matters regarding the guardianship
  Other official documents that can confirm the power of attorney

?Documents to prove the identity of proxy
  Driving license
  Health insurance card
  Certificate of residence
  Juki-card (Basic Residential Registers Card)

4)Processing fees for request of notification or disclosure of purpose of use
1000 yen per each request
(Please enclose a postal money order with the request form.)